Sharp Women's Event 2011 Video


Attendee: I love it, and I asked my daughter if she’d like to go, and she started going as well, three years, and now she loves it, too.

Attendee's Daughter: And she’s not dragging me.

Attendee: Not dragging her at all.

Laura Noyes, Sharp Health Plan: You know wellness, it crosses all age bands. We all want to be well, it’s all about wellness. It’s about healthy living, healthy choices, making good decisions whether it be exercise, nutrition, getting up and moving around, it all works together.

Attendee: Now I have really dedicated time, I exercise three hours a day.

Lara Diamond Phillips, Manager of Partnerships and Strategic Events, Sharp HealthCare: This is Sharp giving back to the community, so that women feel empowered to take care of themselves. So it’s really a day for them to spend with other women, they love the camaraderie, but at the same time they’re learning a ton.

Amy Cline, Sharp HealthCare: You can get osteoporosis screenings, germ screenings, body fat screenings, all sorts of different healthy sponsors and companies that wanted to be out here today. It's just a really great opportunity for women to get all of that information in one day.

Candy Cumming, Registered Dietitian, Sharp HealthCare: The food manufacturers have decided exactly how much sugar, salt and fat makes you want to eat more of their products. You may have my Sno Ball.

Attendee: Oh thank you. (audience laughs)

Ben Fung, Guest Speaker: …not so heavy if you use your whole body, very quickly, that’s how she’s propelling the bell upward.

Renee Kelman, Certified RCB Parent Educator: Lots of great speakers are coming for women to just get educated about themselves, and their bodies.

Christine Cashen, Keynote Speaker: I’ve got two little kids, I’m a working mom, and it's really hard to juggle it all. And adding to that, trying to be clever and pithy on Facebook, Twitter, run my business, I mean there’s so many things vying for your attention. And I got a bone density scan just because it was next to a place where they were giving out chocolates, and I was waiting in line, so I took it just for the heck of it and I failed!

Tami Evans, Keynote Speaker: Women don’t take the time a lot of times to say, "Oh wait a minute, let me check on me, everyone else is happy and healthy, what about me?"

Attendees: One…two…three…BACK OFF! Stranger, stranger, stranger!!

Michael W. Murphy, President and CEO, Sharp HealthCare: And improving someone’s health isn’t always just when you’re sick and you need to be taken care of, which we’re certainly there for, we want to bring the very best of inpatient acute care. But it's actually the whole life of someone, the whole health of somebody.

Attendee: We love this event, we come every year. And fortunately we have husbands who understand that we need this time.

Attendee: I learned about health, I learned about Zumba, I learned about exercises I can do at home with my chair and my wall.

Attendee: They did my nails, and now I’m getting a massage. Its like I’m getting pampered. (laughs)

Laura Cain, Keynote Speaker: It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 or 20. It's just really neat to be with all these women, its powerful, its like an energy!

Attendee: I came here last year, and thought it was one of the best conferences for women I had ever been to. It just gets better and better.