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Moore MountainView Hospice Home

Country comfort.

Many of our patients receive hospice care in their homes, nursing homes, or hospitals. But for those seeking solace elsewhere, Sharp is proud to offer a home-like environment created entirely for resident-patients and their families. With Sharp HospiceCare home-like facilities located in East County, Central San Diego, and the South Bay — we now look north to Poway to continue meeting the needs of families in the communities where they live.

A place for patients and their families to be together.

If approved, Moore MountainView Hospice Home is slated to open in 2023. The facility will look and feel as much like a personal residence as possible, a place where patients and their families can spend quality time with each other and make the most of each day.

Residents and their families at the Moore MountainView Hospice Home in Poway will be able to set the daily pace and design their final days together, free from the concern of physical and medical caregiving. When completed, the facility will feature six bedrooms, living and family rooms, a kitchen, a dinette, and a nurses' station. A secluded outdoor area with picturesque landscaping will enhance the comfortable setting and provide patients with an outdoor environment for family gatherings.

The new facility will be ‘net-zero’ and will produce as much renewable energy as it consumes. It will also be equipped with the technology needed to care for patient-residents and care for families located near or far. For instance, each room will have essential technology for loved ones to connect via FaceTime or Zoom so that distance is not a factor during those final days.

Sharp HealthCare’s Moore MountainView Hospice Home in Poway will be a place where the sanctity of life is treasured and dignity is preserved, with staff dedicated to making the final phase of a person's life, alongside their loved ones, as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

How to give.

Our hospice care serves patients and their families throughout San Diego County and exists because of our community's generous support. We invite you to join us in this important work and help members of our community live the last chapter of their lives with peace, acceptance, and dignity in a home-like environment.

For more information, please contact Kate Wayne at kate.wayne@sharp.com or 619-470-4627.

Moore MountainView Hospice Home

Take a tour of Sharp HospiceCare’s newest location — Moore MountainView Hospice Home located in Poway, California. If approved, MountainView is scheduled to open summer 2023.

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