6 ideas for staying connected with your significant other

By The Health News Team | April 22, 2020
6 ideas for staying connected with your significant other

Grab your favorite board game, some snacks and voila - instant in-home date night.

Life can get busy. From work, to family, to managing a home, many couples struggle with finding time to focus on each other. If you're looking for ways to keep the romance alive, try these creative stay-at-home date night options:

  1. Share inspiring podcasts or articles.
    Choose something to listen to or read that is motivating, inspiring or helps to strengthen your relationship. Agree on a podcast to listen to or an article to read and then pick a day to discuss it. You can also make it more of a social activity and listen together or read to one another.

  2. Cook together.
    Pick out a recipe and prepare it together. Before you eat, take some time to create the ambiance of going out by getting dressed up, turning on fun music and setting the table. Use this time to be creative in the kitchen while being romantic.

  3. Play a game.
    Grab that dusty box off the shelf and challenge your partner to a rousing match of your favorite strategy, trivia or word-based game.

  4. Share a story.
    Go through old photos and discuss why that photo is important to you. Share stories that make you smile or laugh about growing up. Reminisce on what initially drew you to your partner. Write a letter together to a loved one that you both want to learn more about.

  5. Work out together.
    Staying active is good for both mental and physical health. Take a walk and find a place to watch the sunrise or sunset. Sign up for a free virtual class or go on an urban San Diego hike to get to know your neighborhood from a different perspective.

  6. Date night with friends.
    Use a video chat service to have a date night with another couple. Get dressed up, grab your favorite snack and mocktail, smile and turn on the camera for a night of laughter from the comfort of your home. This type of interaction is good for everyone’s mental health.

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