Cushman Wellness Center

Helping You Achieve Optimal Health

Your health plays a vital role in your overall well being and can affect all aspects of your life, from the decisions you make at work to your personal relationships. Your mental and physical health work in harmony to give you the desire and stamina you need to enjoy life and achieve personal and professional goals.

The Elliott and Helen Cushman Wellness Center at Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion provides health assessments, prevention techniques and education to help you achieve optimal health by reconnecting and rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.

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Programs and services offered at the center include:

Community Health Library
Because good health is an ongoing journey, we have created an integrated education center and health library. The Cushman Wellness Center Community Health Library is open to patients, family and community members, and is staffed with information specialists. Inside, you'll find health-related brochures, videos, periodicals and products, plus Internet access for searching medical information databases.

Fit Stop Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription
Fit Stop answers your fitness questions by assessing your cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, endurance and strength. After completing a series of fitness assessments, we will create an exercise plan using your results to help you get fit and stay healthy.

Heart Attack and Stroke Screening Program
Our heart attack and stroke program is focused on the prevention and early detection of cardiovascular disease, one of the most treatable disease when caught early.

Integrative Medicine Services/Mind-Body Programs
Through the use of complementary therapies such as healing touch, Reiki, guided imagery, massage, reflexology and acupuncture, you will learn how to maintain and enhance your physical well being, and how to manage or correct at-risk conditions before they lead to serious illness. Read more about integrative therapies and the various mind-body programs available at the Cushman Wellness Center.

Men's Health Assessment
The Men's Health assessment combines health screenings with integrative therapies, health coaching and education to optimize your health and enhance your well being. Assessments will include comprehensive screenings for heart health, osteoporosis, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. You will also receive a relaxing massage at the end of the appointment.

True Health Appraisal
The True Health Appraisal is a comprehensive, one-day executive physical program designed for busy people like you — one that delves deeper than the typical evaluations you receive in your primary care doctor's office. This in-depth health assessment can uncover your medical risk factors and help you identify ways to prevent disease and prolong your optimal health.

Women's Health Assessment
The Women's Health Assessment is designed to improve the quality of your life by evaluating your present health status and making suggestions for the future. Assessments will include screenings for heart health, lifestyle, osteoporosis, breast and ovarian cancers and hormone levels. Women will also receive a lifestyle enhancement session to learn coping and breathing techniques to enhance their relaxation and overall well being.

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Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion
Cushman Wellness Center, Main Floor
3075 Health Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
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For More Information
To learn more about the Cushman Wellness Center or to schedule a health appraisal appointment, please call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277).

To find a Sharp-affiliated physician, search for a San Diego doctor or call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.