Information for Surgical Patients

If you are scheduled for surgery at the Outpatient Surgery Center at Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion, please be sure to read all of the information below before you arrive. If you have any specific questions about your procedure, please contact your surgeon directly.

Before Surgery

  • Contact your surgeon prior to surgery with any questions or if you experience a change in your physical condition, such as a cold or fever.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after 11 pm the night before your surgery. Depending on the time of day of your surgery and your medical condition, you may receive specific instructions on eating, drinking and medication usage from your anesthesiologist. Refrain from use of cigarettes, mints or chewing gum.
  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home after surgery.

Day of Surgery

  • A concierge will direct your family members to the lobby and keep them informed of your status.
  • After your IV has been started and you have spoken with your anesthesiologist, we will take you to the operating room where the nurse in charge of your care will ensure your comfort and safety.
  • Be prepared to sign a consent form for your surgery. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you, sign the consent form, and remain in the lobby of the surgery center during your surgery.
  • Bring co-pay if required.
  • Bring your filled out and signed Patient Database Form with you.
  • Bring your insurance cards and driver's license with you.
  • Leave all other valuables at home, including jewelry, cash and credit cards.
  • Please arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled surgery time, unless otherwise instructed. We will escort you to the preoperative area and provide you with a bag for your belongings. Your belongings will be kept in a secure and locked area.
  • Please bathe before your surgery, remove all makeup, and refrain from using any lotions or oils after bathing. You may use deodorant.
  • Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably ones that slip on with no ties or buckles.

After Surgery

  • We will take you to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit where our nurses and the anesthesiologist will monitor your condition and ensure your comfort.
  • Some of the medication you received during your surgery may cause you to lose track of time. Your nurse will keep you oriented to the time of day. It is not uncommon to sleep off and on for the next 24 hours following your surgery.
  • We will give you home care instructions and take you to your vehicle by wheelchair.
  • At home, follow your doctor's orders regarding diet, rest, medication and activity. Unless directed otherwise, start your diet with clear liquids and advance to solids as tolerated.
  • You will receive a follow up phone call from the Outpatient Surgery Center nurse to check on your condition.
  • Do not drive, drink alcoholic beverages or operate machinery for 24 hours after your surgery.

For More Information
If you have any questions about the information above, please call the Outpatient Surgery Center at 858-939-3295.