Qi Gong Class: Level 1

Qi Gong is a Chinese philosophy that uses simple movement exercises, breath and sensory awareness and relaxation techniques to unite the mind and body. Qi Gong has been known to regulate immune, circulatory, lymph and nervous systems. It can also help to improve coordination and muscle tone, relieve stress and anxiety, decrease chronic pain and provide a general sense of well being.

This introductory class will be both didactic and experiential. The teacher will provide information about both Chinese medicine and Qi Gong. She will demonstrate the first six forms in the Shaolin tradition of Qi Gong and participants will practice the forms under her supervision. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences while executing the forms and ask questions about Chinese medicine and Qi Gong.

Fee $85

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Cushman Wellness Center

Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion Cushman Wellness Center, Classrooms 1-2
3075 Health Center Dr
San Diego, CA 92123

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