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Aspirations of Excellence

In San Diego County, leadership in health care only begins with world-class caregivers, technology and medical facilities. True leadership means seamlessly delivering the exceptional care throughout our region, with every patient’s story marked by both skill and compassion.  

At Sharp, our mission — and our responsibility — is to envision the health care of tomorrow and assure it will be here for the San Diego of tomorrow. With our philanthropic partners, we have embarked on a new generation of transformation: a journey to deliver the health care of the future.

ENVISION, the Campaign for Sharp HealthCare, is framed by four Aspirations of Excellence: To provide clinical and technical innovation; enhance knowledge and learning; create an extraordinary patient experience; and deliver this world-class care to every community.

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To change lives and improve lives, innovation in medicine must bridge the gap between research and healing. Sharp will drive the development of new technologies to advance the practice of medicine and delivery of care across our full spectrum of specialties. These remarkable new tools, combined with ultra-modern facilities, will attract world-class physicians, expand clinical capabilities and widen the availability of exceptional care throughout San Diego County.

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The coming generation will see medical knowledge and information technology grow at an astonishing pace. In a breakthrough approach to clinical education, Sharp is creating a state-of-the-art hub of learning for our caregivers. This will advance the application of new technologies to real world benefits for our San Diego communities. And, at a new one-of-kind gathering place, our experts will inform and enlighten the community about the latest advancements in health care.

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Sharp is a nationally respected leader in patient-centered care, created to bring together the science of medicine and the art of caring. Advanced technologies will be the gateway to The Sharp Experience we envision for the future: a seamless approach carefully designed to further uncomplicate health care, quickly deploy clinical advancements and enhance the relationship between patients and caregivers.

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In San Diego County, only Sharp is committed to bringing the best of health care to the people of every community. A hallmark of philanthropy at Sharp are donors whose gifts, large and small, benefit the places and people close to their hearts. The work of Sharp is so widespread — there are opportunities to give in support of a medical specialty or condition, or to simply show gratitude for an act of kindness.


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