Bonnie Adams story with beam

Bonnie Adams’s legacy gift honors husband and their love

Bonnie Adams and her late husband, Steve, both shared a love for Sharp that when it came to giving back to the community, Sharp was on the top of their list.

Bonnie Adams and her late husband Steve were long time patients of Sharp HealthCare. Sharp has a very special place in both Bonnie and Steve’s life – Steve taught Bonnie how to drive a motorcycle right in the parking lot of what is now Sharp’s headquarters in Kearny Mesa.

Steve and Bonnie were also pilots, and they would fly over Sharp when they took off at Montgomery-Gibbs Airport off of the 163 freeway. The two love birds shared a wonderful life together right here in San Diego. Steve was a retired pilot in the U.S. Airforce and Bonnie enjoyed her career as a physical education teacher in the El Cajon school district. In their retirement, the two often road tripped across the country on their motorcycles.

Bonnie says throughout her and Steve’s life Sharp was always a part of it and they always received great care.

"The Sharp Experience is a real thing! Everyone is so cheerful and willing to help in any way that they can."

Bonnie Adams

Grateful patient

Bonnie Adams signs beam for the Sharp Prebys Innovation and Education Center

Bonnie Adams signs her name on the last steel beam to be placed on top of the new Sharp Prebys Innovation and Education Center.

This kindness stuck with both Bonnie and Steve that when it came time to plan their estate, the two of them listed out what was important to them, and Sharp was high up on the list. Bonnie and Steve supported Sharp with numerous Guardian Angel gifts to honor the great people who cared for them.

When Steve passed away in 2021, Bonnie drove by the parking lot where Steve had taught her to drive and noticed Sharp was undergoing construction.

Curious, she reached out to the Sharp HealthCare Foundation and learned about the ENVISION campaign and how Sharp will be transforming health care in San Diego over the next decade. Inspired and grateful for the compassionate care she and Steve had received over the years, Bonnie established a charitable gift annuity for the Sharp Prebys Innovation and Education Center (SPIEC).

To honor her level of support, Bonnie was invited to sign the last beam of the SPIEC. Deeply touched with tears in her eyes, Bonnie was proud to know the SPIEC 2nd Floor Staff Lounge is named in honor of her and Steve.

"Steve and I shared a heart for giving back. It was always a part of what we did and we're proud to do."

Bonnie Adams

Grateful patient

Bonnie Adams with her SPIEC sign

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