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Brain and spinal cord treatment

We're in this together

At the Cancer Centers of Sharp HealthCare, we're here to help you get the best care possible. We know a diagnosis of a brain or spinal tumor can impact you and your family. That's why new patients are seen within 48 hours of an appointment request.

We know that every moment matters, and that's why we're advancing the way we treat brain and spinal cord tumors — offering advanced technologies, access to a broad network of expert physicians and compassionate care for you and your family.

An expert team, dedicated to you

At Sharp, our team of experts is here for you every step of the way. You'll have access to genetic counselors specializing in cancer risk, social workers to help cope with emotional aspects of a brain cancer or tumor diagnosis, dietitians and a dedicated nurse navigator to guide you through all aspects of your care.

Our cancer navigators work with a full team of brain and spinal cord cancer experts, including neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiation oncologists, neuropathologists and neuroradiologists to develop a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.

At every step of your care — from diagnosis to treatment — you will receive expert advice, compassionate support, and the most advanced cancer-fighting therapies. It's all part of the extraordinary level of care we call The Sharp Experience.

Fighting cancer with advanced technology

Brain or spinal tumor treatment often involves a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Our sophisticated diagnostics and treatment technologies help provide the best possible outcome while minimizing your side effects and recovery time.

Our team will use the latest technology and therapies to treat you. These include:

  • Powerful diagnostic imaging systems that enable more effective and less invasive testing

  • Advanced linear accelerator and radiation treatment for precise targeting of tumors

  • State-of-the-art surgical techniques, including real-time image guidance and intra-operative functional mapping to allow for safe and maximum removal of brain tumors

  • Access to clinical trials that offer innovative chemotherapy options for many tumor types, at various stages of disease

Robust clinical trial program

We are accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer® for meeting rigorous quality standards.

Through our partnerships with scientific and academic institutions across the country, we bring the latest brain tumor treatment options and chemotherapy clinical trials to San Diego with dedicated clinical research coordinators to support patient enrollment.

Contact us and see an oncologist within 48 hours

For more information about our program, call a nurse navigator at 858-939-5205.