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Weight management

We're here to help you — not just as medical experts — but as your long-term weight loss team.

Find an option that works for you

At Sharp, we understand the challenges of managing your weight. That's why we offer several options to meet your individual needs:

  • One-on-one support — work individually with a registered dietitian to reach your weight goals

  • Bariatric surgery — learn more about our advanced, personalized bariatric surgery programs

  • Health education programs — attend a wide variety of health and wellness programs, including group weight management

Group weight management programs

At Sharp Rees-Stealy's Center for Health Management, we have a variety of nonsurgical programs to help you lose weight safely. Our expert teams teach practical skills for long-term success and provide support for results you never thought possible. To help you reach your wellness goals, we offer the following weight management and health education programs:

  • Medically supervised program — a combination of Robard meal replacements and weekly medical monitoring for individuals with a BMI greater than 30

  • Healthy 1200 — pairs Robard meal replacements with fruits and vegetables to promote sustainable weight loss

  • Be Well for Life — 10-week wellness education program to help guide you towards healthy, lasting lifestyle changes

Learn more about Sharp Rees-Stealy's Center for Health Management programs by attending a free orientation.

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