Bipolar disorder

Helping you reclaim your life

Are you suffering from racing thoughts, a lack of focus, high energy or irritability? These symptoms can signify bipolar disorder and we're here to help.

Since 1963, Sharp Mesa Vista has been helping people through the challenges of mental illness. Our compassionate experts can empower you and your loved ones with hope, encouragement and gentle guidance toward management and recovery.

Guiding you on the path to wellness

We strive to restore your optimal mental health in the shortest possible amount of time and in a safe, healing environment, with therapeutic gardens that encourage wellness. As part of our patient- and family-centered care, we actively involve you and your loved ones in developing a recovery plan.

Our team of skilled and caring professionals provide a treatment experience unique to your needs, from individual and group therapy to coping skills and medication management.

Comprehensive treatment

We offer inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient care to help you regain stability and wellness.

We're here to help

At Sharp Mesa Vista, we accept almost all health insurance plans.