Radiology downloads

You must be an authorized user to install and use these applications. Click the appropriate DOWNLOAD link to obtain the application files. When you double click the zip file, you will receive a prompt to extract the contents to your computer. Contact the Technical Assistance Center at 858-627-5000 if you have any questions.


DOWNLOAD MPR Fusion application
DOWNLOAD Synapse 4.4.400 application
DOWNLOAD Visual Desktop application
DOWNLOAD Synapse 7.3.100 application


DOWNLOAD PowerScribe One 2023 Client
DOWNLOAD PowerScribe One Offline Speech
DOWNLOAD PowerScribe One Utilities
DOWNLOAD PowerScribe One VDI PowerMic Audio extension


DOWNLOAD Canon Vitrea AV v7.15.1

MIM Software

DOWNLOAD MIM Encore (SDi WFH Only) Application


DOWNLOAD DynaCAD 5.0 Client