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Cara Fairfax

Cara Fairfax

Cara Fairfax is a clinical social worker and patient navigator at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center's Douglas & Nancy Barnhart Cancer Center.

Her background is in early childhood and family mental health, but she transitioned to oncology to be present with patients through their most vulnerable, scary and "real" moments. As both a social worker and patient navigator, she feels honored to guide her patients from the point of diagnosis — answering medical questions while meeting their psychosocial needs.

Cara's role is often deep, emotional and raw — and at other times logistical, simple and easy. But whatever she faces with her patients, her goal is to alleviate fear while making sure they receive exceptional care.

As a Spanish speaker, Cara loves working with the Hispanic and Mexican population in San Diego. She is able to meet, work with and support a wide range of people and cultures and is proud to be part of such a tight-knit community. She feels that everyone deserves the best health care in the universe, and strives every day to deliver that to her patients.

To learn more about Sharp's cancer treatments or to schedule an appointment, please call
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