Pillars of Excellence description and criteria

The Center of Recognized Excellence (C.O.R.E.) Awards and Pillars of Excellence Awards were created in 2002 to recognize individuals, teams and departments, who have made significant contributions to making Sharp HealthCare the best place to work, the best place to practice medicine and the best place to receive care.

C.O.R.E. Awards

Each year, Sharp entities bestow C.O.R.E. Awards, honoring those who exemplify the spirit of The Sharp Experience. Nominations are accepted for individuals, teams and departments across our seven Pillars of Excellence. Like the center of a flame, the core represents the essence of The Sharp Experience in the winners and is represented in the actual blue flame award.

Pillars of Excellence Awards

The Pillars of Excellence Awards are the highest recognition that Sharp team members can receive. The awards are presented to individuals, teams and departments across Sharp HealthCare's seven Pillars of Excellence. C.O.R.E. Award winners in each category are brought forward as nominees for the Pillar Awards, which are announced at the All-Staff Assembly.

Winners are chosen based on their ability to role model The Sharp Experience, exemplify the spirit of the particular Pillar for which they have been nominated, and demonstrate significant, sustained and measurable results for a minimum of three months.

Award criteria