2023 Growth Pillar winners


Philip Krueger, MD, Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Dr. Krueger implemented the Orthopedic Hospitalist Model to enable more control of the patient pathway, including inpatient rounding, follow-up clinic visits and scheduled outpatient surgeries. He utilized the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic for orthopedic follow-ups to help keep initial Sharp patients within the system. Dr. Krueger’s efforts resulted in better and more efficient patient care, and a positive financial impact of over $394,000.


Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Program, Sharp Grossmont Hospital

The ECRP team trained providers and caregivers on the application of ECMO technology, expanding and improving the existing infrastructure of this life-saving treatment. The program required collaboration among many departments which developed content and simulation sessions to train competency and skills. The team’s efforts resulted in enhanced market dominance, a Cardiogenic Shock Center designation and an increased survival rate for patients where conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation measures were unsuccessful.


Foundations of Sharp HealthCare, Sharp HealthCare – System Services

To support a variety of Sharp HealthCare initiatives, Foundations of Sharp HealthCare launched the ENVISION Campaign, introduced new fundraising platforms, produced three major campaign events and held seven fundraising events. The group’s fundraising efforts help ensure the growth of patient care facilities, programs and technology, thus improving the quality of care Sharp provides. The department achieved its highest revenue production in over three decades, raising $43.7 million dollars and distributing $31.8 million throughout the system.

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