2023 Safety Pillar winners


Cindy Arias, Sharp Coronado Hospital

Cindy led an effort to significantly increase the number of bedside observation audits entered into the Rounds+ system. She completed and documented more than 800 observations which provided quantifiable data for measuring progress and ensured that any deviations in care were addressed immediately. Cindy also created a Quality Expectations checklist for new hires, SRN staff and registry personnel to highlight best practices and ensure every patient received the same standard of care each time.


Employee Injury Reduction, Sharp Grossmont Hospital

The Employee Injury Reduction team identified a gap in staff knowledge and competency in safe patient mobilization and worked quickly to make improvements. The team created educational videos for mobilization equipment, required in-person classes for competency evaluations, and implemented thorough reviews after an injury occurred. Their efforts kept staff safer and healthier with a 34 percent decrease in injuries related to safe patient mobilization, combative and assaultive patients and strains.


Villa Skilled Nursing Facility, Sharp Coronado Hospital

The Villa Skilled Nursing Facility utilized music to make rounding a more fun experience for staff and patients. Affectionately known as the Flash Mob, the team introduced music and dancing to promote an increased emphasis on rounding, patient interaction, and reducing staff and patients’ injuries. The unique and fun approach to rounding contributed to a 42 percent decrease in patient falls and increased patient call light response time to 83 percent.

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