2023 Service Pillar winners


Kristin Anthony, Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Kristin learned and implemented WebX video conferencing to provide HIPAA-compliant bereavement counseling to family members of patients. She hosted a variety of classes to meet the many different needs of family members dealing with loss. Through the creation and implementation of the new web platform, Kristin provided a safe venue for individuals to receive support, counseling and a sense of community in which to mourn.


Paramedic Turnover of Care, Sharp Memorial Hospital

The Paramedic Turnover of Care team sought to reduce the amount of time it takes to transfer a patients’ care from a paramedic to a nurse. The team established processes and protocols that made Sharp Memorial one of the fastest hospitals in San Diego County. Their efforts resulted in an average turnover time of just 13 minutes, achieved an 83 percent compliance rate with county guidelines, and provided patients with quicker access to an emergency physician evaluation.


Emergency Department – Triage Refresh, Sharp Coronado Hospital

Faced with a 25 percent increase in patient volume, the Emergency Department created a more efficient triage process for patients and staff. The check-in, screening and triage process was moved outdoors and optimized to ensure a patients’ first interaction was with an emergency department nurse. The enhanced process led to a 10 percent decrease in the average door-to-physician time, a 7 percent increase in average patient satisfaction and ensured the department was equipped to meet the needs of the community.

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