Facebook group terms and conditions

The information and opinions expressed through this group represent the thoughts of individual posters and are not necessarily those of Sharp HealthCare or its affiliates or employees. Sharp will screen content for topicality and appropriateness before permitting postings to be visible to the group, and reserves the right to delete any comments later deemed inappropriate or off-topic, but will not otherwise monitor or moderate discussions or content. Reasons for not posting, or deleting, material may include, without limitation:

  • Abusive or hurtful posts

  • Off-topic or redundant posts

  • Inaccurate or deceptive posts (including inaccurate or deceptive attribution of authorship or opinion)

  • Commercial or promotional posts (excluding noncommercial events for members of, and related to the purpose of, this group)

  • Posts that violate privacy or which appear intended to offend or inflame opinions without relation to thoughtful discourse and debate

  • Material that violates any law, including intellectual property laws, applicable to Sharp HealthCare or this group

  • Posts that violate Facebook policies or requirements

Sharp will make reasonable efforts to respond to requests for information or assistance about the group, but these responses may require some time, and will not include medical advice. Nothing posted to this group should be considered medical advice, intended to replace consultation with a qualified health care professional, or an endorsement of any product, service, or service provider.

Posts may contain links to other sites not controlled by Sharp HealthCare. Inclusion of these links does not constitute any endorsement, and group members are warned that Sharp cannot be responsible for content, including harmful content, that may appear on these external websites.

I understand and agree that any material posted to this group becomes available to all group members. Sharp HealthCare will not use any material posted to this group for any promotional purposes without first securing my permission, which I may freely withhold without any adverse effect on my participation in this group. Other participants may use my posted material outside the control of Sharp HealthCare. Please do not post information that you do not wish others to copy, republish elsewhere, or otherwise use. Notwithstanding, I agree to keep personal and health information of other group members confidential and within the confines of this group and/or such permission as those members may specifically grant to me. Under no circumstances will Sharp HealthCare bear liability for any use I or other members make of this group or of information posted in it, including, without limitation, disclosure to third parties or commercial exploitation.

I understand and acknowledge that any official communication from Sharp HealthCare is made through its official Facebook account. I acknowledge that the communications of any employees and agents of Sharp HealthCare made through other accounts solely represent the views and opinions of such persons and are not the communications of Sharp HealthCare. Employees, subcontractors, affiliates and other persons subject to the policies and procedures of Sharp HealthCare are required to comply with all applicable policies and procedures when communicating within this Facebook Group.

I understand that Sharp HealthCare may modify these terms at any time without notice. The modified terms of use will be effective upon posting this message within the Facebook Group. To remain in compliance, I will review the terms at regular intervals. I also understand that Sharp HealthCare reserves the right to terminate group membership for inappropriate behavior, including, without limitation, violation of these Terms and Conditions.