Sharp Outcomes Research Institute

Improving the quality of patient care

Since 2010, Sharp HealthCare's Outcomes Research Institute (ORI) has engaged in innovative, collaborative research to evaluate the long-term results of care, promote clinical excellence and advance best practices in health care delivery. With both inpatient and ambulatory locations and a diverse patient population, Sharp is well positioned to study care processes and outcomes in a "real world" setting, reflecting an authentic picture of the health care environment.

ORI-initiated activities have raised the profile of Sharp across the local and national health care communities, while contributing to Sharp's vision to be the best place for patients to receive care.

Promoting professional and community education

The ORI offers educational presentations designed to:

  • Foster awareness of the importance of research for improving health outcomes

  • Disseminate the results of studies and their impact on advancing medical science

  • Promote knowledge about the most effective methods to evaluate the quality of care delivery

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As a partnership of Sharp HealthCare Foundation and Sharp's Clinical Effectiveness Department, the ORI is supported by the philanthropic gifts of generous donors. For more information about the ORI, its accomplishments and ongoing projects, please send us an email.