Dr. Kim smiling and connecting with happy patient outside.

Being not for profit

As a San Diego community-based, not-for-profit organization, Sharp HealthCare places greater value on the health of our community than on making a profit.

Designed not for profit, but for people

At Sharp HealthCare, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of the San Diego community. Our not-for-profit approach means that after our bills and employees have been paid, any remaining money is reinvested into providing the very best health care possible for our patients and community members.

We invest in people — and in the technologies and services that keep them healthy. Our community commitment also includes providing much-needed services to the underinsured and uninsured, even if it means forgoing reimbursement.

In everything we do, we embrace The Sharp Experience — as we strive to transform the health care experience of our doctors, employees and every patient in our care.

Quality of care in a for-profit vs. not-for-profit hospital

According to independent rankings of the nation's best health care providers, for-profit hospitals are largely outranked by not-for-profit organizations for quality care.

At Sharp, we are proud to be not-for-profit, and we have been recognized for our commitment to clinical excellence and high-quality patient care by numerous local and national organizations, including the California Council for Excellence.

Financial objectives in a for-profit vs. not-for-profit hospital

Investors of for-profit institutions fund hospital improvements and expect return on their investments. For-profits also have a financial incentive to avoid providing care that is typically not profitable, such as trauma and care for the underinsured.

At Sharp, our "stockholders" are community members like you. And with your support and generous donations, we're able to expand our services, introduce new programs and enhance our medical technology.

Additionally, our board consists entirely of members from the local community, so our members have a vested interest in making decisions that best serve the community's health care needs.

Uncompensated care in a for-profit vs. not-for-profit hospital

In studies performed by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, not-for-profit hospitals generally devoted larger shares of their patient operating expenses to uncompensated care than did for-profit hospitals.

In fiscal year 2023, we provided more than $570 million in community benefit, including charity and both uncompensated and undercompensated care. This amounts to more than $1.5 million a day, and to one of every $8 of our net revenue spent in direct support of the community.