The Sharp app

A new way to take care of your health —
available from your computer or mobile device.

We're making it easier to manage your care

On March 1, Sharp patients will have access to a new Sharp app via computer and mobile devices. This app will replace FollowMyHealth and will allow you to easily manage your health.

Illustration of woman gardening with grandchild while messaging her doctor.
Message your doctor

Send and receive messages from your doctor's office.

Illustration of woman managing appointments on phone.
Manage appointments

View appointment details and schedule new visits.

Illustration of technician holding prescription bottle
Renew prescriptions

Send a request for any of your refillable medications.

Illustration of woman watering plant while getting a notification about her test results.
Access test results

View your results and doctor's comments within days.

With your new Sharp account, you'll also be able to access the following features from both a computer and mobile device.

  • Book a same-day or future virtual visit

  • Check in for appointments

  • Fill out forms before your appointment

  • Join waitlists for earlier or same-day appointments

  • Pay bills and set up payment plans

  • Access educational resources during and after a hospital stay

You've got questions, we've got answers

We know you may have many questions about this transition, and we're here to help.