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Ursula Ridens

Ursula Ridens

Ursula Ridens, RD, outpatient dietitian, has worked for Sharp HealthCare for eight years and as a registered dietitian since 2001. She loves to share her passion for mindful eating and improving health without dieting. One of her favorite sayings when it comes to eating is "be curious, not critical."

Ursula believes that changing eating and lifestyle habits takes compassion (especially when "off track") and that it's important to set realistic intentions instead of expecting perfection. Ursula loves to cook, try new recipes and get her kids into the kitchen and the garden to learn and have fun alongside her.

To learn more about Sharp's Nutrition Education and Counseling Program or to schedule an appointment, please call the Sharp HealthCare Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Program at 619-740-4632.

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