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Sharp Mary Birch stork: behind the wings (video)

By The Health News Team | January 31, 2020

For the more than 200,000 families who’ve delivered their babies at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns — and the many others who drive by each day — the stork on top of the hospital’s parking structure evokes warm memories.

This year, the hospital celebrates the 60th birthday of the 18-foot bird, which made its debut in the 1960 Rose Parade on a float sponsored by the City of Sierra Madre. The city donated the stork to Sharp HealthCare at its request and since then, the stork has become a San Diego icon.

To keep the stork looking its best, Sharp’s Engineering team maintains and preserves it. Over the years, Dwight Rodriguez, lead painter on the team, has dedicated his time and energy to repaint and refurbish the hospital’s feathered friend.

He also uses uncanny creativity to craft fun, festive attire for the stork, including a top hat for New Year’s, a red bow for Valentine’s Day and, currently, a party hat to celebrate the stork’s milestone birthday.

Watch the video above to see Rodriguez in action.

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