Dr. Olulade smiling and standing in lobby waiting room.

Your video visit with your doctor

We are looking forward to your video visit with us. We understand this may be new to you, so we have prepared a few tips to help you get the most out of your appointment.

Getting started

  • Don’t be afraid of the technology. Make sure you have strong Wi-Fi or invite a tech-savvy family member to help with the internet connection. We can also include a family member during your visit with a 3-way call.

  • Find a quiet place to sit, away from distractions. An indoor spot with plenty of light is ideal, so you can hear your doctor and your doctor can hear and see you. Do not drive and try to conduct a video visit.

  • Dress appropriately. Wear loose, comfortable clothing in case you need to show your doctor something specific.

  • Prepare your list of questions and concerns to review with your doctor.

  • Collect your medications and have them with you during the appointment.

  • Have a pen and paper ready to take notes and your reading glasses if you need them.

  • Test out your webcam, microphone and speaker.

  • Be sure your device is updated to the most current operating system. Apple devices should upgrade to v14.3 for the best audio and video quality.

  • Close other applications on your phone, tablet or computer. This can sometimes slow down your internet connection.

  • Log in at least 15 minutes before your appointment time so you can be checked in. If you haven't received your text message with your visit link, try restarting your device. A simple reboot often resolves this issue.

  • If you have trouble preparing for your video visit or have any questions, please call 858-499-2600.

During your visit

  • Set your device to "do not disturb". Do not answer calls or access other applications while waiting for your provider to join. This can interfere with the video visit.

  • Just as in the clinic, your provider may be running a few minutes late. Please wait for them the entirety of your appointment before disconnecting.

  • If possible, use a head set or earbuds to be sure the provider can hear you.

After your visit