Dr. Fisher comforting patient sitting in chair.

Clinical oncology social work support services

Oncology social workers provide clinical counseling and other supportive services to help you through all phases of your cancer experience. During this difficult time, our team will provide emotional support as you adjust to your diagnosis and treatment, work with you on coping skills, and serve as an advocate for important needs and concerns. We are available to help you, your family members and care partners before, during and after your course of treatment.

Ways we support you during and after treatment

  • Supportive counseling for you, your family or care partners

  • Emotional and behavioral assessments, including evaluation of serious risk or harm

  • Crisis intervention

  • A wide variety of support groups, classes and webinars where you’ll find trustworthy information about your diagnosis and more

  • Decision making regarding treatment options

  • Adjusting to an illness, fatigue, hair loss and other side effects of treatment

  • Discussing life during and after cancer treatment

  • Concerns about sexual function, intimacy, fertility and feeling good about your body

  • Complementary and integrative care services

  • Assisting with advance health care directives

Ways we provide mental health support

  • What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and need support

  • Dealing with intense feelings of sadness, worry, anger or grief

  • Managing caregiver stress

  • Living with cancer

  • Life as cancer survivor

Ways to communicate with others

  • How to talk with your treatment team members

  • Talking to others about cancer

  • Navigating work or school

Ways we help you find information

  • Resources for information, support and financial assistance

  • Understanding your workplace rights

  • Referrals for assistance with living will or medical durable power of attorney

  • Dealing with decisions about respite care, assisted living, nursing homes or hospice service

How to reach our team

Please contact your Sharp HealthCare Cancer Center team to connect you with the clinical oncology social worker at your center.

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