Dr. Lam about to examine baby's ear.

San Diego ear, nose and throat (ENT)

Through our otolaryngology care — treatment of ears, nose and throat (also known as ENT), including head and neck — we can help you get back to your daily life and the things you love.

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Ear, nose and throat conditions 

At Sharp, you can count on us as your partner in recovery. We treat a wide range of ear, nose and throat conditions, including: 

  • Allergies 

  • Balance disorders 

  • Deviated septum 

  • Dizziness 

  • Hearing loss 

  • Oral tumors 

  • Sinus conditions 

  • Sinusitis 

  • Skull-based diseases 

  • Turbinate hypertrophy (nasal turbinates)

Ear, nose and throat treatments 

Our team of expert specialists provide ear, nose and throat services and programs to help our patients with a variety of ENT-related disorders.

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Professional surfer undergoes innovative sinus surgery

When sinus problems and injuries to Makua's nose endanger his surfing performance, he travels to Sharp Grossmont Hospital for balloon sinuplasty.

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