Dr. Ancona-Young taking patient's blood pressure.

Aneurysm repair

Sharp's endovascular surgeons are skilled in advanced procedures to treat the most complicated aneurysms. Our team of experts will assess your aneurysm and determine the best treatment plan for you.

A team dedicated to your care

At Sharp, our doctors are pioneers in the field of innovative endovascular treatments. For more than 30 years, our team of experts has performed complex, minimally invasive procedures to treat aneurysms, or enlarged arteries caused by weakening of the artery wall.

Advanced technology sets us apart from the rest

Our team of endovascular experts will assess your aneurysm and first determine if it can be treated with medication to lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels.

If the aneurysm is at high risk of rupturing, our skilled doctors will perform the minimally invasive surgery best for you.

Endovascular surgery

Our doctors are practiced in a newer approach, called an endovascular repair, in which a graft is inserted and fastened to the weakened artery through a small incision in the upper thigh. With this method, you will experience a quicker recovery and less scarring.

Fenestrated stent graft surgery

At Sharp, we make every effort to ensure that you have a quick and comfortable recovery. Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Sharp Grossmont Hospital offer an innovative procedure called fenestrated stent graft surgery to repair abdominal aortic aneurysms. This less invasive approach allows you to return to your life as soon as possible — recovery time is typically one week, compared to three or more months after undergoing open surgery.

Open surgery

Our experienced surgeons are skilled in both cutting-edge and conventional treatments. They have performed countless open-surgery procedures, in which the chest or abdominal cavity is opened and the damaged section of the blood vessel is replaced with a graft.

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To find a cardiovascular specialist right for you, give us a call at 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm.

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