Sharp HospiceCare Memory Bear Program

Bring comfort to you and your loved ones

Coping with the loss of a family member or friend is a difficult and grievous process that varies from person to person. To honor your loved ones and provide comfort after loss, we created the Sharp HospiceCare Memory Bear Program. Families provide cherished garments — a favorite blouse, shirt or pajamas that belonged to a loved one — which is then sewn into a handmade memory bear. These cuddly bears symbolize a special memory that you can hold close to your heart forever.

Although nothing can heal the pain of losing a family member or friend, memory bears provide a sense of comfort to the bereaved. One family member explained, "I was thrilled when my sister told me I could have a memory bear made from my husband's clothing. When the bear arrived, my 19-year-old daughter, who had not been able to sleep, grabbed the bear and slept with it. The bear provided her comfort when she needed it most."

Become a memory bear volunteer sewer

Our specially trained volunteers are at the heart of this mission — bringing comfort to families who have experienced great loss. We welcome volunteers with intermediate sewing skills and a few basic sewing supplies to join our memory bear workshop.

To register for an upcoming volunteer session to become a volunteer sewer, give us a call at 619-667-1900.

Honor a loved one with a memory bear

Whether you want to give the gift of a memory bear or create your own, these handmade bears are a sweet reminder of a special person. If you'd like additional information, call 619-667-1939 and we'll help you create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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