Sharp HospiceCare's team

Sharp HospiceCare is devoted to improving patients' overall quality of life. From treating physical discomfort to providing emotional and spiritual support and treatment advice, the hospice team is there to serve, regardless of a patient's situation or health condition.

A team of physicians, registered nurses, home-health aides, social workers, spiritual counselors and volunteers works closely with each patient, their families and their personal physicians.

Our hospice staff is highly trained in end-of-life care needs and experienced in caring for patients and families facing terminal illness.

Bereavement counselor

Upon request, a bereavement counselor will be available to family members and caregivers who need additional support as they face the important and difficult issues that arise when a loved one is dying.

Bereavement counselors offer grief education, individual and group counseling, referrals to community services, and ongoing support to family members, caregivers and close friends.

Case manager/registered nurse

Your case manager is a registered nurse (RN). She or he implements and evaluates your nursing needs, which include pain and symptom management, communication with your physician or medical director and coordination of care with the hospice team. In addition, you can expect other nurses to assist in your care.

Sharp HospiceCare RNs are certified hospice and palliative nurses (CHPN). CHPN certification validates an individual nurse's qualifications and knowledge in the specialized area of hospice and palliative care.


Upon request, a chaplain will be available to you and your family for pastoral counseling, spiritual comfort, companionship, to help patients come to terms with questions and concerns and can provide conversation, prayer, meditation, music and other forms of support.

Chaplains can assist with spiritual and religious rituals, and help plan or officiate at funerals and memorial services.

A chaplain will get in touch with you within two weeks after your hospice start date. If you would like a visit sooner, ask your nurse or social worker or call the spiritual care coordinator at 619-667-1900.

Home-health aide

Your home-health aide is a certified nursing assistant supervised by a registered nurse.

Home-health aides assist with your daily living, personal care, hygiene and comfort, along with ensuring a safe environment, emotional support and companionship for you and your loved ones. Aides will also provide integrative therapies for comfort, pain management and relaxation.

Hospice homemaker

Your hospice homemaker can provide light errands and housekeeping services for approximately one hour per week. The homemaker can dust, vacuum, and assist with laundry, shopping and light meal preparation.

Medical director

The Sharp HospiceCare medical director provides ongoing medical supervision and consultation to the hospice team to ensure you receive the highest quality of care.

Social worker

Your social worker is a trained professional who assesses the social, emotional and bereavement needs of you, your family and other caregivers. The social worker will provide counseling and education related to coping with life-limiting illness, as well as resources and referrals related to planning for long-term care, settling legal and financial matters and planning final arrangements.


Our Sharp HospiceCare volunteers are available to provide additional support to you and your family. Volunteers can give respite, companionship and emotional support and can assist with errands, transportation, light housekeeping and daily activities.

Your physician

Your primary care physician is responsible for directing your ongoing care. Your physician writes the medical orders and works side-by-side with the hospice team.

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