Dr. Bahmanpour examining patient's shoulder.

Balance and vestibular program

For people suffering from dizziness or balance or equilibrium issues

Sharp Rehab's Balance and Vestibular Program provides comprehensive rehabilitative therapy for individuals who have difficulty with balance, equilibrium or complaints of dizziness. Dedicated teams of therapists work together under the direction of a physician to return each person to their highest level of independence, productivity and well-being.

Four facts you may not know about dizziness:

  • Approximately 40 percent of the population over 40 years old will experience a dizziness disorder during their lifetime

  • In patients with chronic balance problems, only vestibular rehabilitation has shown to improve balance function and performance when compared to medical therapy or general exercise

  • Vestibular abnormalities are found in 50 percent of patients who fall

  • Vestibular disorders are responsible for 85 percent of dizziness complaints in patients

About balance and vestibular rehabilitation at Sharp

Balance and vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based approach to treat dizziness. Any patient with dizziness or disequilibrium who is motivated and has been cleared by his or her physician for treatment can benefit from this educational process. Program goals are to reduce or eliminate dizziness and vertigo, improve balance and gait skills, prevent falls and return individuals to recreation, work or vocational rehabilitation. We also assist patients with post-COVID-19 conditions.

Program components may include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation includes testing of sensory organization using the state of the art "SMART Balance Master"

  • Physical and occupational therapy for balance re-education, gait training, vestibular habituation, education and equipment

Balance and vestibular program locations in San Diego

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