There are several ways you can share your health information. Let us help you find what you need.

Manage friends and family access

Give someone access to your Sharp account and see whose accounts you have permission to view. Learn more.

Request access to a minor’s record and personalize connected accounts (Personalize)

Request access or a restriction to a minor’s Sharp account. You can also edit the profile photo, color scheme and nickname for each person’s Sharp account you have permission to access. Learn more.

Request and share health records (Sharing hub)

Request a copy of your health records for yourself or share them with a family member, caretaker, health care provider or third party, such as your insurance plan or workplace.

One-time sharing (Share everywhere)

Grant any health care provider limited one-time access to your health information, such as medications, immunizations, health issues and allergies.

Store and manage health records (Lucy)

Lucy is a permanent home to store all your medical information from wherever you receive care. You can upload, manage and share your health records in Lucy. You can also enter any personal information you wish to add or share. If your insurance changes or you switch health care organizations, your Lucy data will move with you.