Dr. Kim smiling and connecting with happy patient outside.

Sharp HealthCare Behavior Standards

At Sharp, our employees worked together to develop our 12 Behavior Standards.

Sharp HealthCare's Behavior Standards provide a clear and simple description of exactly what is expected of every Sharp employee — essentially what it should look like, sound like and feel like at Sharp.

Attitude is everything

Attitude, compassion and demeanor create a positive first — and lasting — impression.

  • I build strong relationships by treating every person with kindness, respect and dignity.

  • I use body language that radiates a friendly, open-minded attitude and seek to put people at ease.

  • I immediately welcome every person with eye contact, a smile and a friendly greeting.

  • I listen with care and empathy, avoid interrupting and confirm what I have heard.

  • I acknowledge questions or concerns and meet immediate needs or find someone who can help.

Reward and recognition

Reward and recognition are central to the Sharp vision and culture.

  • I celebrate everyone's accomplishments and hard work to make Sharp the best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

  • I express gratitude and appreciation to others and openly praise them for their achievements.

  • I thank people for speaking up to reduce harm and prevent defects.

  • I acknowledge when a team member exemplifies The Sharp Experience.

Courteous communication

Body language, tone and word choice reflect respect for everyone at all times.

  • I communicate with courtesy and clarity, ensuring dignity and mutual respect in all verbal and nonverbal communication.

  • I commit to being in the moment and to actively listen with purpose and curiosity, receiving and providing thoughtful feedback.

  • I call patients, family members and team members by their preferred names.

  • I am open to receiving messages of different opinions and acknowledge differences respectfully.

  • I always use "please" and "thank you," and end encounters courteously.


Team members share a common vision: to make Sharp the best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

  • I build up my team, sharing in our successes and failures.

  • I share information and ideas freely and never make assumptions.

  • I recognize that we all have areas of expertise.

  • I resolve conflicts promptly and directly with those involved.

  • I praise in public and respectfully coach in private.

Service recovery

When The Sharp Experience doesn't go right, we pledge to make things better.

  • I listen and respond with respect, empathy and compassion, and I apologize for not exceeding expectations.

  • I thank each person for bringing their concerns forward.

  • I am proactive in making amends and provide service recovery even in difficult situations.

  • I anticipate and correct problems before they become complaints.

  • I work to make things right and follow up to ensure we have corrected the problem.

Zero harm

Sharp HealthCare is committed to ensuring a safe environment to achieve zero harm to employees, our patients and their families.

  • I take ownership for safety concerns, whether they are environmental, clinical or behavioral.

  • I always speak up to reduce harm and prevent defects.

  • I report potential safety concerns immediately.

  • I use proper tools and equipment and do not take shortcuts that compromise safety.

  • I follow policies and procedures that are designed to keep everyone safe.

Appearance matters

Dressing and grooming professionally and maintaining a clean work environment demonstrates respect to all.

  • I practice good personal hygiene.

  • I meet and exceed Sharp's dress code, always wearing neat and appropriate clothing and jewelry.

  • I wear my identification badge in a place so that my name and title are visible.

  • I keep work areas, meeting rooms and public spaces clean and clutter-free.

  • I pick up and dispose of litter, clean up spills and return equipment to its proper place.

Service excellence

Through service excellence, we create meaningful and positively memorable experiences.

  • I acknowledge everyone with care, compassion and empathy.

  • I stay connected and engaged with those I serve.

  • I promote peace of mind and relieve anxiety by explaining what we are doing and why.

  • I keep team members, patients and family members informed about the process and expected time frames.

  • I take action to prevent delays and proactively notify those impacted when delays are known in advance.

  • I go above and beyond to provide the best Sharp Experience for everyone.

Privacy and confidentiality

Sharp HealthCare protects everyone's privacy and confidentiality in all situations.

  • I am sensitive to the personal nature of health care, and I do all I can to honor the trust others place in me.

  • I only access patient information for patients under my direct care.

  • I knock and announce myself before entering a patient room.

  • I ensure patients are comfortable and appropriately covered at all times.

  • I speak about personal matters in a private area with a quiet and respectful voice.

  • I keep confidential information and assets private for patients, physicians, staff and Sharp HealthCare.

Electronic communication manners

Using the most appropriate channel of communication demonstrates respect for others and ensures that clear, undistorted content is received.

  • I use discretion in sending, responding to and forwarding electronic communications, including faxes.

  • I respond to emails or texts as soon as is appropriate.

  • I am clear, concise and maintain a respectful tone when sending electronic communications.

  • I remember that difficult discussions are seldom best handled via email, text or online chat.

  • I use the secure email function when discussing patient information through email, and I use an objective communication style that maintains patients' dignity and protects their privacy.

Mutual respect

Mutually respectful behavior is the cornerstone to achieving zero harm and zero defects, and it demonstrates that we value each other.

  • I treat others the way I want to be treated.

  • I communicate with words and actions that convey respect for others.

  • I focus on the issue, not the person, when I have a conflict with someone.

  • I recognize that I am responsible for my words and actions.

  • I ensure my comments or actions produce zero harm and zero defects.

  • I create an environment that is free from bullying and hostility.

  • I speak up when I observe disrespectful behavior.


At Sharp HealthCare, we recognize that our differences, unique talents and varied backgrounds come together to create a stronger whole.

  • I celebrate diversity and embrace everyone regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or other characteristic.

  • I recognize the power, strength and value of the diverse cultures of our workforce.

  • I ensure equality and acceptance for all.

  • I am open to others' viewpoints, ideas and talents.

  • I serve everyone equally.