Tasks screen from the Sharp Health Companion App

Sharp Health Companion app

Improving your cataract surgery experience

At Sharp, we are consistently looking for ways to streamline care and improve your patient experience. That's why we've launched Sharp Health Companion — a mobile app for iOS devices, specifically made for Sharp patients receiving cataract eye surgery.

Get started

Follow these directions to download the app on your iOS mobile device and begin setup:

  • Search for "Sharp Health Companion" in the App Store and download the app

  • Select "Open"

  • Select "Allow" from the pop-up message — this provides for important notifications while using the app

  • Select "Get Started!"

  • Enter the unique code provided by your doctor (if you do not have a code, please contact your Sharp ophthalmologist to request one)

  • Continue to follow directions to complete the setup process

Need help?

If you need assistance, please contact your cataract surgeon's office directly.