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A heart to serve runs in the family

By The Health News Team | May 12, 2023
Davenna, Julia and May of San Diego have all worked at Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Davenna (left), Julia (center) and May (right) have made a difference in the community.

Growing up, Julia Martinez was surrounded by strong women who set the example of how to be compassionate, hardworking and kind. For this local family, ties to Sharp Grossmont Hospital run deep.

Julia and her mother, Davenna, were both born at Sharp Grossmont. And for over 35 years, Davenna’s mother and Julia’s grandmother, May, worked at Sharp Grossmont, just as her granddaughter does today.

A nursing assistant at Sharp Grossmont, Julia grew up having a close-knit relationship with her mother and grandmother. Describing Julia as an energetic, sweet and earnest child, Davenna and May have witnessed Julia blossom into a young woman who carries those same traits with her to this day — plus many more.

A new career inspired by a past career

In Julia’s role, each day looks different. Being a nursing assistant on the float pool allows her to work with many departments, caring for several patients each day.

“I feel so supported,” Julia says. “Being on the float pool, I’m welcomed by every team I join. I feel so valued and know that I’m part of an organization that works together to serve our community.”

As Julia embarks on her career at Sharp Grossmont, May reflects back on her own years within the same halls that Julia now walks. At Sharp Grossmont, May’s first role was as an outpatient clerk. With her workspace adjacent to the emergency room clerk, she had the opportunity to assist the Sharp Grossmont Emergency Department when help was needed.

“I had such a memorable time doing that work,” May says. “I really enjoyed the high-energy, fast-paced role. I would have loved to do what Julia’s doing now!”

May later went on to work in patient finance, admitting, physical rehabilitation and later, in outpatient billing. She looks back fondly on her great friends and experiences.

“Sharp Grossmont Hospital took care of my family,” May says. “I had the opportunity to witness so much growth. I was a single mom and I knew when I got this job I’d work here until I retired.”

Helping others is a family affair

A heart to serve runs in the family. Davenna also makes an impact as a special education teacher in the Lemon Grove School District. While she started her journey as an accountant, Davenna transitioned to teaching after realizing she aspired to help others, just as she’d seen her mother do at Sharp Grossmont.

Julia credits her mother and grandmother — and witnessing their service to others — for helping shape her into who she is today.

“I admire that my grandmother doesn’t let fear of judgement from others hold her back from going for what she wants,” Julia says. “That shows me that I can focus on what I want for myself. As for my mom, she’s always told me to try things to see if I like them. She assures me it’s all going to be okay. I’d like to think I do that for people too.”

Julia dreams of working in pediatrics one day. And Davenna and May say they're confident she's well on her way to reaching any goal she has.

“I know Julia will continue to work hard and achieve anything she sets her mind to,” Davenna says. “All we wish is for her to be happy.”

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