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Alex Zawilski

Alex Zawilski

Alex Zawilski is a registered dietitian with Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center.

Her passion for nutrition started in childhood as a competitive swimmer, where she loved seeing how healthy eating affected her performance in the pool. Today, she loves cooking and experimenting with new healthy recipes.

At Sharp Chula Vista, Alex works in an acute setting on the telemetry and OB units. She enjoys working with a variety of patients, each one with different nutritional needs. Her guidance helps them feel better, making an impact on their overall medical condition.

When she's not working for Sharp, Alex teaches food science courses at San Diego State University, and uses her teachings when she is educating her patients.

To learn more about Sharp's nutrition services, or to schedule an appointment, please call
1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277).

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