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Chemotherapy treatment

Providing chemotherapy treatment for many cancer types

Sometimes called systemic therapy, chemotherapy is given to treat cancer and prevent its recurrence, and can be used alone or in conjunction with surgery or radiation therapy. The medication flows through the body to target and destroy fast-growing cells — cancer cells, as well as others.

The excellent care you've come to expect

At Sharp, patients receive chemotherapy and other supportive medical treatments from specially trained nurses in a comfortable environment, and return home on the same day. Chemotherapy is generally given in cycles — a treatment period is following by a recovery period before another treatment period begins.

Types of chemotherapy treatments

  • Immunotherapy

  • Biologic therapy

Helpful chemotherapy resources

While our team of clinical experts is always happy to address any questions you may have, we also recommend reviewing the following resources.

How to prepare for chemotherapy treatment

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for chemotherapy treatment at Sharp and read our guide on food safety during cancer treatment.

The staff at Sharp's infusion therapy centers will work with you to make your experience as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Before your visit for chemotherapy treatment

  • Your doctor's office will make your first appointment.

  • After your first appointment, you will schedule future appointments.

  • Chemotherapy plans vary based on each patient's individual needs. At your first appointment we will explain how long each of your future appointments will last.

Upon arrival for your chemotherapy treatment

  • When you arrive, schedule your next visit with the team member at the reception area.

  • For your safety, our staff will verify your identity.

  • A certified chemotherapy nurse will talk to you about your chemotherapy drugs.

  • You may receive medication prior to chemotherapy to help reduce potential side effects.

  • Your nurse will start an intravenous line or access your central line to administer your medication.

  • Once your treatment begins, our team will closely monitor you and keep you comfortable throughout your visit.

Your comfort during your chemotherapy treatment matters

  • When you arrive one of our nurses will help you settle into a recliner.

  • Feel free to invite family members or close friends to keep you company during your treatment; we have limited space and ask that you limit your visitors to two people per visit.

  • We suggest that you dress in layers to ensure your comfort as the temperature naturally fluctuates during the day and throughout the space. We can also provide a warm blanket if you are cold.

  • We provide coffee, tea, juice or soft drinks. Please feel free to bring any additional snacks, lunch or drinks to your appointment.

Chemotherapy treatment in San Diego

Receive chemotherapy treatment at one of our Sharp locations.

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