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Cognitive behavioral therapy programs

We know the challenges severe depression and anxiety can cause. We also know how to help.

Mood disorder treatment that works

At Sharp, we offer two evidence-based treatment programs — a cognitive behavioral therapy program and a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) program — to treat a full spectrum of depression and anxiety disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

This outpatient program treats a full spectrum of depression and anxiety disorders — including major depression, bipolar disorder, panic and anxiety disorders, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder and personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder.

Our expert teams will help you develop an understanding of the interplay among thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviors. And the coping skills we teach will help you to effectively manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a new way.

Learn more or schedule an intake appointment:

Contact Sharp Grossmont by calling 619-740-5811, sending an email or submitting a request for outpatient treatment at Sharp Grossmont.

Contact Sharp Mesa Vista by calling 858-836-8309, sending an email or submitting a request for outpatient treatment at Sharp Mesa Vista

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Informed Skills Program

This eight-week outpatient program at Sharp Mesa Vista will help you learn the coping skills to better manage severe emotional reactions, intense anxiety, impulsivity, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and high-conflict relationships.

Our formally trained dialectical behavioral therapists will support you and help you to learn and practice coping techniques to improve your daily functioning and stabilize your mood. We also offer group therapy sessions, which meet Tuesday through Friday.

To learn more about the DBT program at Sharp Mesa Vista, please call 858-836-8309send us an email or submit a request for outpatient treatment

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