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Older adult mental health treatment

Our nationally recognized mental health services address the specific struggles facing many older adults.

As we age, we confront profound change in our lives and at times experience challenges adjusting — such as depression, anxiety, confusion, sleep issues, loneliness and fear. At Sharp, we offer specialized treatment options that can help.

Programs designed exclusively for older adults

After losing a loved one or suffering health problems, some older adults may turn to alcohol or substance abuse to cope, which can compound the situation and result in complex behavioral health issues. We provide supportive inpatient and outpatient care for older adults facing these issues.

Inpatient program

Our Older Adult Inpatient Program at Sharp Mesa Vista provides treatment for adults age 60 and older to address a range of issues, including dementia, mood disorders and other severe mental health concerns. The program is staffed by a skilled and caring treatment team specializing in geriatric psychiatry and addictions medicine. And our Senior Behavioral Health Center provides compassionate, specialized care for seniors.

To learn more about our inpatient program at Sharp Mesa Vista, please call 858-836-8434 or send us an email.

Outpatient program

Our Senior Intensive Outpatient Program offered at Sharp Mesa Vista and Sharp Grossmont treats older adults who are dealing with issues such as depression, addiction, anxiety, loneliness and other mental health conditions. Patients in this program will learn techniques to cope with life changes and losses that can occur in older adulthood, as well as gain tools that enhance physical, social and psychological wellness to improve their quality of life.

Our experienced caregivers, who specialize in geriatric psychiatry and addictions, use an educational approach to help seniors manage symptoms and prevent relapse. This comprehensive treatment program helps our patients develop the following skills:

  • Healthy coping strategies to deal with changes in health, life transitions and losses

  • Maximize communication and conflict-resolution skills

  • Understand and change unhealthy thoughts

  • Use relaxation techniques to manage anxiety and improve sleep

In each of our programs we encourage family member support and participation. Our common goal is to help seniors overcome their challenges, build a sense of belonging and connection and empower them to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Learn more or register for the Senior Intensive Outpatient Program:

Contact Sharp Grossmont by calling 619-740-5811, sending an email or submitting a request for outpatient treatment at Sharp Grossmont.

Contact Sharp Mesa Vista by calling 858-836-8309 or submitting a request for outpatient treatment at Sharp Mesa Vista.

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