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Antibiotics in neonates with gram-positive infections

Clinical trial: Tedizolid pharmacokinetics in pediatric participants with Gram-positive infections

Primary investigator: Dr. Anup Katheria

Research coordinator: Jason Sauberan

About this trial

Drug-resistant bacterial infections are a serious threat to human health, including neonates. Newer antibiotics like tedizolid have been developed to keep pace with and neutralize this threat.  In order to determine the correct dose for a neonate, preliminary studies that determine a drug’s pharmacokinetics and safety are commonly done.

This Phase I study will involve giving a single dose of tedizolid to babies in the NICU at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns, and then drawing a small sample of their blood at three different times over a one-day time span. Urinalysis and laboratory tests are also performed as a safety evaluation.

This study is being conducted pursuant to requirements of the U.S. Pediatric Research Equity Act and the FDA Safety and Innovation Act.

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