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Umbilical cord milking in non-vigorous infants

Clinical trial: Umbilical cord milking in non-vigorous infants (MINVI)

Primary investigator: Dr. Anup Katheria

Research coordinator: Katie Baker

About this trial

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology (ACOG) currently recommends delayed cord clamping for term infants who are born vigorous.

However, when an infant is born needing extra help to start breathing (resuscitation), it is not recommended to perform delayed cord clamping. These infants are required to have their cord clamped early so that they can be moved to another location because of the need to start resuscitative efforts. Cord milking, which has been widely practiced, allows these infants to quickly receive a placental transfusion before having their umbilical cord cut; however, the evidence for this practice is limited and the need for more research has been recognized by ACOG.

This trial — the largest study of non-vigorous infants on this topic — will seek to provide the much-needed evidence that cord milking is a safe alternative to early cord clamping.

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