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Robotic surgery for uterine or vaginal prolapse

Many women suffer silently with pelvic disorders that can cause pain, frequent trips to the bathroom and other uncomfortable symptoms that impact quality of life. At Sharp, we offer treatment options that can help.

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Prolapse is the "falling" of any pelvic floor organ. It occurs when the connective tissue or muscles are too weak to hold the organ in place. This is a very common problem for women as they age, particularly after childbirth. Uterine prolapse (when the uterus "falls") always involves some degree of vaginal vault prolapse.

Minimally invasive means better health for you

Sacrocolpopexy is a surgery that uses a mesh to hold the vagina in its proper anatomical position. In the past, this surgery required an "open" procedure; however, robotic-assisted surgery now offers another option that is less invasive. Robotic-assisted surgery only requires several small incisions in the abdomen. Because the surgery is minimally invasive, you can benefit from the following:

  • Significantly less pain

  • Fewer complications

  • Less blood loss

  • Less risk of infection

  • Less scarring

  • Quicker recovery time

Robotic-assisted surgery gives the surgeon a better view of the anatomy, which is especially helpful with the delicate structures of the pelvis. The surgeon rests his or her hands on the robot's controls and is in control of the robot's movements at all times. The console controls the small instruments that have been inserted through the incisions in the abdomen. Your surgeon and surgical assistant are at your side at all times.

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Sharp HealthCare offers da Vinci® robotic surgery for uterine or vaginal prolapse in San Diego at the following hospitals.