Dr. Bahmanpour examining patient's shoulder.

Microfracture protocol for patients

At Sharp, we understand that after microfracture surgery you need time to regain your strength. We're here to support you and work with you on your road to recovery.

Partnering with you every step of the way

Microfracture is an outpatient surgical procedure used to treat damaged areas of cartilage in the knee joint. During the procedure, a series of deep holes, or microfractures, are completed into the bone around the area of damaged cartilage. The microfractures are made deep enough to reach the underlying marrow, which stimulates healing and regeneration of tissue at the bone's surface.

What to do following your microfracture procedure

Our guidelines help you begin exercising after microfracture surgery and should not be substituted for your physician's advice. Always follow your doctor's instructions with regard to your individual care.

Use of support devices following surgery

Exercises for your recovery

You will learn exercises when you initiate therapy. In the meantime, you may begin the following program described below:

Rehabilitation schedule

The location of your lesion and microfracture will determine your rehabilitation schedule. Your doctor will explain the location of your lesion so that you know which of the following programs to follow.

Femoral condyle/tibial plateau lesions

Patellofemoral/trochlear lesions

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