Dr. Bahmanpour examining patient's shoulder.

Peer support volunteers and advisors

The Peer Support Advisor Program is a mentoring program designed to help individuals with disabilities adjust to the challenges of everyday life by connecting them with others who have successfully assimilated through this ongoing journey.

Supporting others through volunteering

Peer support volunteers are available to consult with anyone who might find their experience and knowledge useful. They provide support to patients, families and community members as needed. These individuals all have a wealth of information about living with disability and are a great resource.

Peer support advisors are individuals with different levels of disability. Each advisor is a Sharp HealthCare volunteer and has been specially trained to mentor rehabilitation patients. The advisors make regular rounds to visit with Sharp Rehabilitation inpatients. They all have a wealth of knowledge about the rehab process and what life is like down the road.

Peer Support Advisor Program

Our program connects individuals with disabilities with peer support advisors who share common interests, experiences, skills and challenges. Our advisors are volunteers who have received specialized training to hone their mentoring skills, and they make regular rounds to visit with patients at Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center. They are also available to work with individuals with disabilities in the community.

The Peer Support Advisor Program is available to current and former Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center patients as well individuals with disabilities throughout San Diego.

Learn more

If you are interested in becoming a peer support volunteer with Sharp Rehabilitation Services, please complete the Peer Support Volunteer Profile and email to peer.support@sharp.com.

If you are an active peer support advisor, please complete your monthly advisor feedback form. Forms are due by the third of every month and should be emailed to peer.support@sharp.com.

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