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Sharp HealthCare annual community benefit plan and report

Addressing the needs of our community

The Community Benefit Plan and Report is a testament to the care that Sharp provides to the San Diego community  — care that extends above and beyond the walls of our hospitals and health care facilities.

In fiscal year 2023, Sharp HealthCare provided more than $570 million in community benefit programs and services. This amounts to more than $1.5 million a day, and to one of every $8 of our net revenue being spent in direct support of the community.

Sharp community benefit highlights

Improving environmental and community health

Sharp leads and participates in emergency and disaster planning to protect the health and safety of the San Diego community, and, through its All Ways Green initiative, has been an innovator in green practices to improve environmental and community health. To further improve community health, the Sharp Equality Alliance promotes a culture of belonging by providing our workforce with education, dialogue and outreach celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion.

Reinvesting savings back into patient care

Through participation in the 340B Drug Pricing Program, select Sharp hospitals are permitted to purchase outpatient drugs at reduced prices. The savings from this program are used to offset patient care costs for Sharp's most vulnerable patient populations, as well as to assist with patient access to medications through Sharp's Patient Assistance Program. In fiscal year 2023, participation in the 340B Drug Pricing Program provided a cost savings of more than $108.5 million to help expand programs and medication access to Sharp's patients in need.

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Sharp hospitals use the findings from their triennial Community Health Needs Assessment to help guide the Sharp HealthCare Community Benefit Plan and Report, as well as individual Sharp hospital implementation strategies.

To learn more about the positive impact Sharp physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers have on the San Diego community, read the complete Sharp HealthCare Community Benefit Plan and Report, Fiscal Year 2023 or the Executive Summary.