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10 free summer activities to help you stay fit

By The Health News Team | June 24, 2024
Father and son playing paddle ball on the beach

San Diego offers miles of shoreline, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures throughout the year. There are also parks, lakes, bays, mountains, trails and spectacular viewpoints beckoning both residents and visitors alike.

Why not throw in a little workout while enjoying the offerings of America’s Finest City? Here are 10 free ways to get fit during summer in San Diego.


On your mark, get set, go!

Walk, jog or run along San Diego’s miles of beaches. From Coronado to Oceanside, a stroll in the sand can literally — and figuratively — take your breath away.


Take a hike.

Explore San Diego from some of its highest points on the hundreds of mountain trails, rated easy to strenuous. Wear proper footwear and keep an eye out for wildlife — rattlesnakes are common when the sun comes out.


Dive right in!

Who needs a backyard swimming pool or club membership when we’ve got access to the Pacific Ocean? Swim where lifeguards are on watch and don’t forget to do the stingray shuffle on your way into the water.


Get your groove on.

Several local parks offer free concerts throughout the summer months. Grab a blanket, picnic basket and a few friends and dance the night away.


Join the culture club.

While many of Balboa Park's events are still on hold, the historic hotspot is still a great place to walk and wander. From the Japanese Friendship Garden to the International Cottages, enjoy this urban cultural park’s 1,200 acres.


Grab your board, bro!

San Diego has some of the best surf in the world. While catching the perfect wave isn’t always easy to do, the paddling and effort it takes to get up and stay up is well worth the effort.


Dig the dog parks.

San Diego is home to dozens of dog parks. Make a date with your four-legged friend to try them all. And don’t just throw the ball for Fido to retrieve — run right alongside him and see who gets to it first.


Take the stairs.

From La Mesa’s “hidden stairs” to San Diego’s own Convention Center and the staircases leading down to some of the area’s best beaches, San Diego offers a challenging workout to those brave enough to 'step it up.'


Hit the road.

Grab your helmet and jump on a bike. Whether you prefer to race on the roadway or cruise along a paved path, San Diego offers miles upon miles for cycling.


Be a baller.

From football to volleyball, tennis to basketball, San Diego has loads of courts, parks, beaches and fields that are open to the public. Even a Frisbee will do.

Whatever outdoor activity you choose, always be prepared. Drink plenty of water beforehand and bring some with you to stay hydrated; wear appropriate clothing and footwear; and always wear sun protection, including hats, sunglasses and a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

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