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3 benefits of sunrise yoga

By The Health News Team | September 1, 2021
Woman doing yoga in the morning

Looking for a peaceful way to wake up and get your body moving? Look no further than sunrise yoga. It is packed with benefits that can help improve both physical and mental well-being.

“Yoga is a perfect way to start the morning,” says Jenny Driessen, an exercise specialist and yoga instructor at the Sewall Healthy Living Center at Sharp Coronado Hospital. “It stretches and strengthens your body, clears your mind, and sets the tone of mindfulness for the rest of your day.”

Driessen shares these three benefits of sunrise yoga.

  1. It awakens the mind and body.
    “Kicking off the day with a yoga class gets the neurons firing, endorphins flowing, and brings your attention to the here and now,” says Driessen.
    Waking up with yoga can help keep the mind clear, sharp and present. By focusing on the breath and each pose, yoga can help people mentally declutter, organize their thoughts, and be more mindful while completing their daily tasks.

  2. It has many long-term physical benefits.
    Yoga moves the spine and neck in all six directions, increases flexibility, improves range of motion, and creates a better mind-body connection.
    “This type of exercise can also help lower blood pressure, increase energy, aid in sleep, boost your mood, and stave off the effects of aging by keeping your body strong and agile,” says Driessen.

  3. It can be practiced anywhere.
    While getting up early to go to a yoga studio can be challenging, thanks to online classes, you don’t have to leave home. The Sewall Healthy Living Center offers 50-minute, virtual sunrise yoga classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 am.
    “Practice in your own home, or even bring the show on the road if you travel, with the virtual company and energy of other students and my live instruction,” says Driessen. “The classes are always different, and they all can help improve strength, balance and flexibility, setting you up for success the rest of your day.”
    Sign up for a class and learn more about Sewall Healthy Living Center offerings.

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