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3 stroller workout moves

By The Health News Team | August 14, 2019
3 stroller workout moves

Jamie Gillooly, a FIT4MOM® employee, demonstrates three workout moves you can do with a stroller.

Many new moms struggle to find time for themselves, especially when it comes to exercise. That's why San Diego resident Lisa Druxman created FIT4MOM®, a fitness franchise that includes the popular group program, Stroller Strides®.
In 2018, Lisa brought her enthusiasm and expertise to the annual Sharp Women's Health Conference, inspiring moms to make their health and wellness a priority. "After 18 years in business, I still love stroller workouts," she says. "The best part is that you get stronger as your kids get bigger. You can turn every walk into a workout."
Below you'll find three stroller moves that make Lisa’s programs so successful. If you're a new mom, looking for ways to incorporate short, challenging exercises into your everyday routine, try these moves, each of which are demonstrated here by a FIT4MOM educator.

1. Squat jumps with toe tickles

Squat jumps with toe tickles

Adding this cardio move to your workout allows you to do more in less time.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

  • Start by doing a regular squat, and then add a jump by pushing from the bottom of the squat.

  • When you land, it’s important to soften your knees to protect your joints and lower back, so focus on landing in the same squat you left.

  • Keep baby smiling with some fun toe tickles as you land.

2. Stationary swivel lunge

Stationary swivel lunge

This type of lower body exercise targets the quads and hamstrings, and helps with coordination and balance.

  • Stand with feet a little wider than hip-width apart.

  • Step back with your left foot, slowly lowering your knee toward the floor, into a lunge position.

  • Pivot back leg into a wide plie squat.

  • Return to a front-facing lunge, and press back up to starting position.

  • Repeat with the right leg.

3. Hip hinge

Hip hinge

This movement helps strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and posterior chain. Learning how to execute a hip hinge properly will help you prevent injury and lower back pain.

  • Place both feet hip distance apart, knees are soft and belly is firm. Place your hands on your stroller.

  • Hinge at the hips. Press hips backward, maintaining length in your spine, pushing your stroller out with control.

  • Drive through your heels and stand tall, bringing your stroller back toward your body.

_For all the above exercises, Druxman recommends three sets of 10-15 repetitions.

In addition to her work with FIT4MOM, Lisa Druxman is the author of The Empowered Mama _and host of The Empowered Mama podcast.

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