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Are silicone patches fab or an anti-aging fad?

By The Health News Team | July 7, 2022
Woman using silicone patches for fine lines

Social media has once again sparked a viral discussion of the beauty industry’s latest anti-aging product: silicone patches. Beauty influencers are jumping on the bandwagon by sticking these patches on their faces and necks overnight, claiming they retain the skin’s moisture and create a rejuvenating effect the next morning.

But are silicone patches really a good option to treat fine lines and facial wrinkles? Or is this just another beauty fad that has taken social media by storm?

Convenience and results
Though both are minimally invasive, Botox injections and silicone patches are two dramatically different methods to treat wrinkles.

Botox blocks chemical signals from nerves at the site of injection in a single session, resulting in less visible wrinkles for approximately three to four months. This procedure is quick, effective and administered by a licensed medical professional in a safe environment.

Silicone patches are meant to be self-applied nightly to help provide smoother, hydrated skin. While they can be more cost-effective than Botox, they work for a much shorter time. Users may also experience frustration with patches potentially falling off while sleeping.

A medical professional’s perspective
Rica Angeles, a nurse practitioner at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center’s Cosmetic Lounge, advises that not all silicone patches are made the same, especially when there can be variations of the product containing different ingredients.

“When using silicone patches, be cautioned that skin inflammation and redness may occur for those with sensitive skin,” Angeles says. “Low-cost and short-term results may not be worth the trouble if these active ingredients, when left on the skin for long periods of time, can cause irritation or even an allergic outbreak.”

Angeles says that while silicone patches can be helpful for hydrating skin, they do not sustain the same longer-term effects received from Botox treatments.

Learn more about Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center’s Cosmetic Lounge.

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