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Guardian Angels amid the pandemic

By The Health News Team | June 25, 2020
Sharp Chula Vista nurses Randi Bresee, Laurie Kalleberg and Beth Chance

Nurses Randi Bresee, Laurie Kalleberg and Beth Chance are among the many Sharp Chula Vista staff recognized for their incredible care during the coronavirus pandemic.

Staff members on the front lines at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center have been called superheroes amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these health care heroes earned their angel wings after being recognized with a special award for the incredible care and work they have demonstrated with their patients and community during these difficult times.

Sharp HealthCare Foundation’s Guardian Angel program allows patients, their families and friends the opportunity to support Sharp while acknowledging caregivers who have made a difference during their time at the hospital. Each honored Guardian Angel receives a heartfelt message with words of appreciation from the donor informing them of the generous gift, as well as a lapel pin to wear proudly.

“I could not have asked for a better nurse,” says one grateful donor honoring Randi Bresee, a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery at Sharp Chula Vista. “She was an angel helping me through my contractions during these hard COVID-19 times. I could not have my mother or sister present, but my nurse made me feel like family. Nurse Randi was my angel.”

“The definition of ‘angel on earth’ is Martha,” an anonymous donor says about Martha Osorio, nursing assistant in the 5T/Progressive Care Unit at Sharp Chula Vista. “You obviously possess exceptional insight into efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of your patients. You are a godsend to any health care facility and to any person.”

Laurie Kalleberg, manager of the 5T/Progressive Care Unit, recently received a Guardian Angel award for the second time.

“I believe that a Guardian Angel recognition is extra special because you are being recognized by a patient whom you have made a lasting impression on,” says Kalleberg. “During this pandemic, which has been difficult for many of us, to know that someone took the time to recognize me, it makes me feel honored and truly grateful to be here for our patients.”

These awards are usually presented in person, but in order to keep honorees safe, they were given out virtually by video conference.

Sharp Chula Vista has been overwhelmed by the support from community members, local businesses and organizations that have shown their appreciation for our exceptional health care heroes during this crisis. When a patient takes a moment to thank a staff member with a note of gratitude, it warms the hearts of those who continue to work selflessly around the clock to provide care to our community.

Sharp HealthCare Foundation appreciates any gift given to recognize professional service and to enhance the high quality of health care at Sharp. If you would like to recognize a Sharp employee through the Guardian Angel program, please visit


Randi Bresee


Randi Bresee is a registered nurse at Sharp Chula Vista.


Martha Osorio


Martha Osorio is a nursing assistant at Sharp Chula Vista.


Laurie Kalleberg


Laurie Kalleberg is a manager at Sharp Chula Vista.


Beth Chance


Beth Chance is a registered nurse at Sharp Chula Vista.

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