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Making surgery safe (video)

By The Health News Team | October 28, 2020

It takes a skilled, committed team to make surgery safe for patients. At Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, this team includes experienced doctors, nurses and sterile processing technicians, among others. Their work begins before the patient arrives at the hospital to ensure their safety before, during and after surgery.

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, the surgery team at Sharp Chula Vista was ready. The team had previously prepared for a possible pandemic with the Ebola virus, and took their already diligent dedication to safety to the next level. Learn more about the many steps taken to keep patients safe by watching the video or visiting


Ron Boyd


Ron Boyd is a surgery manager at Sharp chula Vista Medical Center.


Uriel Dualos


Uriel Dualos is a pre-surgery nurse at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center.


Lillian Osunde


Lillian Osunde works in sterile processing at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center.

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